Chairman’s Address 2017

Whilst in most parts of Ireland time is measured by ‘before or after Christmas’, in Killorglin everything is judged to happen ‘before or after Puck’.

Puck Fair, Ireland’s Oldest Fair and Festival, has taken place in Killorglin for many centuries. On August 10th, 11th and 12th a wild male goats acts as Ireland’s only King, and many thousands of people, from all corners of the globe, come to experience this unique, ancient event.

Nobody knows when it started : maybe a Celtic Festival to mark the start of Lunasa, maybe to commemorate an event of Historical importance to the Town, or maybe the World’s first Tourism gimmick? Whatever the reason its importance to the town of Killorglin, indeed to the whole mid-Kerry area, cannot be overstated. Killorglin is known worldwide as the home of Puck Fair.

Each year the people of the area act as hosts to the world in a three day ancient event of fun, festival, serious buying and selling of animals and a colourful explosion of pageantry and entertainment.

This is all organised by an entirely voluntary committee, whose sole ambition is to ensure this unique tradition is passed on to the next generation of citizens of Puck. Our thanks are due to all our volunteers, our generous sponsors – both local and National, to the many statutory bodies with whom we liaise closely to ensure a safe and orderly festival, to our many entertainers, and to the business people and citizens of Killorglin without whose help we could not function.

Ar mo shon féin, agur ar son muintir Chill Orglan, cuirim fíor fáilte romhaibh go léir, agus go bhfanfaidh Aonach an Phoic in úr n-intinn go deo.


Declan Mangan