A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to ALL of our donors!

Ri an Phoc (King of Puck)
Banríon an Phoc (Queen of Puck)
Aonach an Phoc (Puck Fair)
Cill Orglan (Killorglin)
Donation categories
Ri an Phoc
King of Puck
€251 - €500
Banrion an Phoc
Queen of Puck
€101 - €250
Aonach an Phoc
Puck Fair
€51 - €100
Cill Orglan
€10 - €50

Puck Fair needs your help!

Pardon the interruption, but we really do need your help!

Costs are rising, particularly where insurance and medical cover is concerned.  We need your support to ensure this famous festival can continue to be held each year.

All contributions raised through this campaign will go directly to the fair and will be used to offset some of the spiralling costs. .

In return for your contribution, your name (should you choose to provide it) will go on to our donor’s wall of fame for all the world to see!