A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to ALL of our donors!

Ri an Phoc (King of Puck)
Banríon an Phoc (Queen of Puck)
Aonach an Phoc (Puck Fair)
Cill Orglan (Killorglin)
Donation categories
Ri an Phoc
King of Puck
€251 - €500
Banrion an Phoc
Queen of Puck
€101 - €250
Aonach an Phoc
Puck Fair
€51 - €100
Cill Orglan
€10 - €50

Puck Fair


The Puck Fair Organising Committee regret to advise that in the interest of public safety, Puck Fair 2021 is cancelled.

But we'll be back in 2022!