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The low-down on what's goin' down for Puck 2018!

Each day, a number of Musical, Theatrical and Comedic Street Performances take place at various times and locations throughout the town, providing free entertainment for young and old alike. In addition, a variety of mini-Workshops in a number of craft forms, such as Pipe, Drum, Circus and so on, will provide basic instruction on a first-come basis. Information regarding specific activities, locations and times will be listed in the official Puck Fair Programme, available free of charge at the Information Office on the Plaza, from the Tourist Office, in local shops and other outlets in the town.

After the sun goes down, the entertainment cranks up! On each of the three evenings of the Festival, a Stage Truck is driven into the Square and set up in front of the Puck Stand. This Truck provides the stage venue for that evening’s Concert. Like the rest of the entertainment at Puck, these Open-air Concerts are free of charge, and everyone is welcome. Over the years, many well-known Artistes have performed in the Square, and the venue has also provided a show-case for new and emerging talent.

Midnight on the last night (12th) after the final official performance of the Festival, is marked by a massive Fireworks Display. This exhibition is conducted according to strict safety and security regulations. It’s location, on a hillside close to the Laune, can be seen throughout the town.



Looking for memories from 2018?

We might be looking ahead to 2019, but if you are still looking for memories from Puck Fair 2018, then check out all the photos here and Puck TV here.


2018 Photos

2018 Puck TV (Thank you to Tadhg Hayes)

Nighttime Bands

Daytime Bands


All Daytime Entertainment in Assiciation with Birds Euroshow.






The Coronation and Dethronement parades are an integral part of the Puck Fair experience

where we welcome, and say goodbye to the “star” of the fair, the mighty King Puck! [Read More…]









Street Acts

Family Fun





 Puck Fair is a family-friendly Festival, offering much entertainment and activities for kids (of all ages!!). Daily activities include Face-Painting, Street Performers, Music, Puppet Shows in addition to a number of child-centred Workshops – all of which are free of charge. There are different Competitions on each day of the Fair, such as Bonny Baby, Fancy Dress and the Pet Show. There will also be an opportunity to have your photo taken with King Puck himself, on the afternoon of the second. Specific dates, times and locations for each of these events are listed in the Puck Fair Programme.


Birds Amusements/Funfair operates in the centre of town during the Festival. This family owned Amusement Park has been an annual attraction at Puck Fair for many, many years now. The various rides available have developed and been added to over that time, while old favourites such as the Bumper Cars hold their traditional appeal. The sounds of the rides, the music from the stands and the mixed squeals of terror and pleasure from the riders have become, for regular Puck attendees, an integral element of the Fair.







Below are some of the free workshops that you can enjoy this year at Puck Fair.  Please note, you must register for any workshops you would like to participate in at the Puck Fair Information Office located in Library Place. 


Irish Dance Workshop by Tim O’Shea and Friends





Circus Workshops by PassePartout Circus


Afro Irish Drum Workshop by Tim O’Shea and Friends


Horse Fair





One of Ireland’s oldest and continuously-run Horse Fairs, originally took place on the streets of Killorglin, as was the tradition of many of the fairs has now moved to a very large green-field site within walking distance of the town centre (for space & safety reasons). Buying/ Selling horses, ponies, donkeys & equipment starts very early in the morning, and continues throughout the Opening Day of Puck Fair (August 10th ). 




Cattle Fair





Traditionally on August 11th a Cattle Fair is held in Killorglin Town. This fair is not organised by the Puck Fair Organising Committee but operates under a natural pre-ordained act under charter. All Animals must come from herds which are not restricted and the herd and relevant animals must have had a clear test, within the T.B., & Brucellosis Test Limit laid down by the Department – i.e. Brucellosis 30 days. T.B. 12 months. All bovines must bear double plastic tags as issued under the Department’s Identification System and must be accompanied by passports.



Craft Fair





A recent addition to the Fair has been the introduction of a Craft Fair on The Plaza at Library Place. This very large paved pedestrian area is a relatively new facility in the town, created some years back when the Library, Tourist Office and Council Offices were redeveloped. It makes an ideal location for the Craft Fair, offering a range of local, national & international hand-crafted and traditional products – from home-baking to hand-made jewellery, natural beauty & cosmetic products to clothes & accessories and much more. From its inception, this market has been a resounding success, reflected in its year on year growth.







Traditionally, Killorglin town centre is completely closed to vehicular traffic for the 3 days of Puck. Instead of cars, the streets are lined with a multitude of brightly coloured stalls, offering literally ‘something for everyone’. tools, clothes (work & fashion), shoes & boots, toys, pictures & wall art, music – instruments, CDs & DVDs, jewellery, sunglasses & accessories, household & cleaning products, herbal remedies, bric-a-brac and many, many more provide a mecca for the dedicated shopper, and terrific variety to interest even the most casual browser. Many are Puck regulars, setting out their wares in the same location year after year. Indeed, some stall-holder families have been coming here for generations. The addition of new and innovative stalls each year, however, ensures the market remains varied and interesting.


Food stalls of all sorts set up shop on the streets of Killorglin for the duration of the Festival. Some of these providers have attained legendary status over the years and for many revellers, a visit to Puck Fair is not complete without at least one trip to their favourite ‘eatery’. These stalls, together with the town’s many restaurants, which offer a range of excellent foods, ensure that our visitors have plenty of choice, with something to satisfy every taste-bud and every pocket. And all of this activity takes place in a traffic free, pedestrian-safe zone, making Puck Fair a child / family-friendly Festival, an ever-evolving yet very traditional event that remains welcoming and interesting to all ages and nationalities.