A statement from the Puck Fair Committee regarding the treatment of the goat

The welfare of the goat is of utmost importance to all involved in organising and running Puck Fair, an event and tradition that has been in existence for more than 400 years. We have strict protocols in place to ensure this welfare and they are overseen and checked by an independent veterinary surgeon:

The Puck Fair committee has always been to the forefront of animal welfare, ensuring a safe and secure environment for the hundreds of animals on sale, both at the horse fair on August the 10th, and at the Cattle Fair on August 11th. The evening concert stages are specifically designed to ensure the goat is not affected. Specially angled speakers are used at all times to ensure the spread of sound does not reach the goat.It is ludicrous to suggest that a mountain goat would have a problem being out in all weathers and patently ignorant to suggest he is afraid of heights!Before the Puck returns to the wild he is again examined by a vet, and last year’s vet confirmed there was no physical or psychological damage in his expert opinion.